Hearts of Iron 4 Factory Calculator

a simple tool to calculate the most efficient use for your factories

What is the aim of this Project?

On this website you can find three calculators that will help you to set up your production lines in HoI4.

The Division Calculator can be used to get the number of factories you need to produce a given amount of divisions for a given division template in a given time or it can assign your factories to a given division template in the most effective way.The Navy and Aircraft Calculators will return the number of factories/dockyards you need to produce a given number of ships/airplanes.

What to do if the calculators do not work correctly?

In case you experience any errors or obviously wrong values while using the calculators, please write a mail to contact@hoi4factorycalculator.org with a short description of the error and a way to reproduce it. Please take a moment before you write and check if the values you entered make sense. Trying to produce e.g. a 40-Width Tank Division in 1 day with a production efficiency of 1% will give a strange result.

Where can I find the calculators?

You can find the Calculators via the menu or by clicking on one of these buttons: